Pit Stop

Tanja Dammann Götsch

Expert in purchasing for the automotive industry

This “pit stop” for buyers brings best performance and speed into deadlocked structures.

The 120-minute power online training with Tanja Dammann-Götsch increases the drive and motivation of industrial buyers, especially in the automotive industry. You benefit from the know-how and wealth of experience of the globally active purchasing expert.

  • You’ll dissolve rigid structures in the purchasing department
  • You’ll boost team spirit
  • You’ll motivate people to achieve top performance
  • You’ll encourage innovativeness
  • You’ll get your team into pole position
The latest trends in purchasing
Securing the supply chain for insolvent suppliers
Digitalization and AI in purchasing of the future

The “The Pit Stop” 120-minute power online training applies the DONUTS© method specially developed by Tanja Dammann-Götsch for purchasing departments in the automotive industry. In Formula 1, donuts represent victory, top performance and passion. In this context, the term also means development, power, energy, communication, teamwork and speed across the entire automotive industry. The method is based on the long international experience of Tanja Dammann-Götsch as a trainer and coach in this field.

Each training will take place on the corresponding days between 6pm and 8pm (120min). More details will follow after ordering. The price per training is 1309€ (gross). A package price for all 3 modules I offer on request.